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The Importance of Divorce Mediation

When it comes to divorce settlements, mediation is often used to help negotiate between you and your spouse. Often this is used to solve any issues that may come up. Now, while a mediator isn’t there to make decisions for you, a mediator can help you figure out how to come to solutions. Mediation is often a much better option than a court-based divorce. Here are 3 reasons why mediation is so important.


Most people consider their wallets when handling any sort of legal matter. The same goes for divorce proceedings. Hiring a mediator is a lot cheaper than litigation. Given that it is also effective, in general, the cost is worth it.

Children’s Benefits

Divorces are often stressful for children as well as their parents. Often, during mediation, the couple can be more cooperative with one another. There is less stress on the parents and the child is allowed to see that cooperation can still occur after divorce.

As you begin the divorce procedure, you may wonder if you’ll ever come to an agreement with your spouse. This is common for a lot of couples. However, most mediations end with the couples coming to an agreement over most issues.

Divorce mediation is becoming more common and for good reason. It’s more cost-effective way to settle a divorce. Additionally, it’s less stressful. For more information on divorce mediation, call the Law Office of Richard Eldridge in Sacramento.


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