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The Law Office of Richard Eldridge is a uniquely qualified family law resource. With 38 years of legal experience and 32 of those years as a certified family law specialist, you can protect yourself and your family for the long term at the Law Office of Richard Eldridge.

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Happy mom and daughter cuddling
Happy mom and daughter cuddling

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“After the successful conclusion of my recently settled divorce, I can say without any hesitation, I owe Rick and his entire staff immeasurable amount of gratitude for the kindness, professionalism, and effective efficiency they exhibited throughout the challenge. Originally, I made an attempt to represent myself and found out almost immediately, I had many preconceived misconceptions regarding the intricacies involved with self-representing in the Family Court arena. I found the environment in today’s court system to be nothing like I had imagined. I was quick to learn the requirements of the court are demandingly focused on properly prepared documentation, organization and clarity of presentation that can only be delivered by the type of professional representation Rick and his team provided. I recommend to anyone reading this, to call the Law Offices of Richard Eldridge immediately!”


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