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Can joint custody benefit everyone?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Firm News |

When California parents divorce, custody is a top priority. The two primary options parents have are joint and sole custody. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Which one benefits your family depends on unique circumstances. Today we will take a look at joint custody first.

VeryWell Family looks at some of the benefits of joint custody. It is a good option for people capable of successful co-parenting. This means parents must have a level of problem solving through discussion. Amiable relations after the divorce also helps. If parents keep up this relationship, the children have a stronger foundation. Parents presenting a unified front tend to have a stronger impact on children. This also allows parents to split the burden of being a disciplinary figure.

Joint custody frees up a parent’s time, as well. Sole custody puts the onus of raising a child on one parent for the most part. Joint custody allows both parents to have an equal say in their child’s life. This is not only good for the child. It is good for the parents, too. They have more time to take care of errands and issues not related to child-rearing. Studies also show that parents who take occasional breaks come back refreshed.

Children benefit, too. Most studies about joint custody focus on the effect it has on the child. This makes sense, as the child’s well-being and best interest is the first thing courts keep in mind. These studies show that joint custody has many benefits for children of divorce. That makes this a great option for people it is possible for.