Experienced Family Law Attorney You Can Trust


I consider myself blessed to have found and hired Richard Eldridge as my attorney. In life we are lucky to find decent honest professionals whether it be the owner of our favorite restaurant, a personal trainer that motivates us, a teacher or doctor for our children, or anyone else where we feel we are getting the best personalized treatment when in that persons domain. And, when we find someone like this in the scarier and more trying times in life it is invaluable. It is a blessing beyond words.

Richard Eldridge (Rick) is an absolutely amazing attorney. I hired Rick to handle my divorce and subsequently to file a domestic violence restraining order and an emergency order to attain custody of my infant daughter- mother was refusing to let me see her. Rick was successful in getting my orders granted by the court and I retained Rick for the additional court hearings, to prepare for mediation and a family court trial. He worked tirelessly on my case -even working weekends- and was always there when I needed advice through phone or email.

I cannot stress the amount of careful persistent advice and service I received. Rick treated me with kindness, compassion and patience and I always felt that I had an attorney who was in it for the best results for my family. Rick is an extremely ethical lawyer and always made sure to carefully explain what costs were coming up and what other options I had. I never once felt that my money was being overused or that I was getting anything less than 100% value and effort towards my case.

The law office of Richard Eldridge is also comprised of legal assistant Deborah and legal secretary Angela. I can not imagine having anybody else answering my calls or helping on my case. No matter how many time I called (it was a lot) Angela always spoke to me in a kind manner and helped to keep me calm and reassured when Rick was unavailable to immediately take my call. The same can be said for Deborah who was also very helpful and diligent in assisting Rick to reach the desired and best possible outcome in my case and for my family.

I now have legal custody and primary physical custody of my daughter. Additionally everything else I was concerned about and wanted out of my case was addressed and attained in a settlement before trial. I couldn’t be happier. Rick, Deborah and Angela are an awesome team.

The Law Office of Richard Eldridge will always have a special place in my heart for helping me through such a difficult and scary situation. I highly highly recommend Richard Eldridge for any and all family court matters! You won’t find a more knowledgeable, experienced and ethical attorney/ally to help navigate a divorce or child custody issue.

– J.P


I have been dealing with Family Law for last 8 years and I been Rick’s client for last three years. This is the best place to get any Family Law services. Rick and his staff are very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. They’re very quick to respond and very efficient in taking care of things in timely manner.I highly recommend this office, if you need any assistance with Family Law services.

– D.S


I can’t recommend this Law firm enough! My divorce was being dragged out for 15 months with zero progress before I switched to Rick and his team. Within 1 month he had handled my custody disputes and within 3, the paperwork was signed! If I could change anything about the process, it would be that I had found him at the start.
Rick was a true advocate and treated me like family. He was over-the-top communicative which I appreciated. At times he was working 7 days a week, so any concerns or questions I had were answered quickly.
He was extremely professional, trustworthy, and was always looking for my best interest and the interest of my children.
The divorce process is emotional, stressful, and at times can be terrifying. Rick was able to provide the experience, knowledge, and perspective to get the best outcome. I am very appreciative!

– Emily


HONESTY, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION: During the darkest period of my life, I was fortunate to have found Rick to represent me in my divorce from my wife of five years. The man is a straight-shooter who calls it out like it is. He ensured that my financial self-interest was upheld. He was meticulous with the division of common property as if his own personal finances were at stake! We had a few disagreements only because my ultimate goal was reconciliation, which I achieved after our divorce was finalized.

His obsessive attention to detail, and his level of professionalism (prompt response on email and phone) were extraordinary.

My ex-wife and I have been together as a couple, albeit a legally divorced one for two years now. I thank Rick for being by my side during this difficult moment of my life when I felt alone, confused, and downtrodden. He picked me up, dusted me off, and treated me with integrity and respect. THANK YOU RICK!

– James


I’m not even sure where to begin. I came to Rick roughly 2 1/2 years ago when I filed my divorce. My journey has been an emotional, overwhelming and frustrating one but I couldn’t have done it w/o the help of this amazing team! Rick, Deborah and Angela! I have been in and out of court and Rick was always prepared! I always went in expecting the worst and came out with better results than expected. He fought for me til the very end and I am so grateful to have found him to represent me. Everyone in the office was always available to answer any questions, concerns, or just be a listening ear. I’m so glad my divorce has finally come to an end. I will not miss dealing with that but I will miss the trio! Your hard work and professionalism is very much appreciated. Highly recommend. Thank you!

– Fabiola


I highly recommend Richard Eldridge for family law/court matters.

I had an emergency family law situation and looked up local family law firms. I called many attorneys and thankfully found the Law Office of Richard Eldridge. Upon my initial call, the staff showed great concern and offered me immediate assistance. Rick was immediately available to meet with me and also had the lowest consultation fee that I could find. Following our consultation, I ended up retaining him for my family court matters (child custody and support). I am grateful that I found Richard Eldridge! Rick and his staff are stellar. He worked closely with me on my family law matters and prepared me for my hearings. He was on top of the case and took time to understand my case and unique situation. He was very prepared for my hearings and did an amazing job representing me. Him and his staff are professional, kind, organized, supportive, highly knowledgable, and overall great people. Through his guidance and representation, I received the outcome I was hoping for. I am very thankful to Rick, Angela, and the staff for their assistance during such a difficult time for me.

The Law Office of Richard Eldridge is truly superb and highly recommended for your family law matters.

– C.B


HUGE 5-Star rating for this office! I cannot convey enough gratitude for all the phenomenal and kind help I received from Richard A Eldridge. From the first phone call I made to his staff, to my last couple of meetings and emails, it has made me wish that I had found them for legal help first!

I was assisted in a way I never thought was possible and so desperately needed. Richard is one of the hardest working attorneys and is part of a dynamic team between him and his paralegal. I have encountered and worked with so many different legal professionals over the years and this law firm stands out in all the best ways we as consumers, shoppers, & clients hope to stumble upon.

I’d like to mention as a client trying to get through the smallest and yet what feels like most complex family law case around, my experiences with other attorney’s before Rick seemed to just make it worse. My previous attorney gave me very little help and left me completely vulnerable to the other side. NOW in contrast to those unfavorable experiences more times than I wish to count- my search after coming across Rick has finally ended and makes me wish this was where I should have been since day one.

At this point, now there is no one else and no other firm I would trust to handle any of my legal matters in such an experienced and swift manner. This law firm was on my side from day one and produced results in a way that completely exceeded any and all of my expectations. I am overwhelmed by their proficiency, diligence, and overall very at ease feeling, you get from the moment you walk in the door. I can finally breathe easier and sleep at night. I will always recommend Rick to anyone with a family law matter because of the abundance of assistance I needed and received and because it’s all too difficult to find this kind of help from the get-go. I know this all too well as you perhaps do too.

– A.J