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Highly Experienced Family Law Representation

Last updated on January 5, 2021

A family legal situation of any kind is often fraught with emotions. It requires the guidance of a legal expert who can calm your concerns and lead you through the complexities of the case. Rick Eldridge and his team have been serving Sacramento and the surrounding counties in California since 1982. He is a family law specialist certified by The State Bar of California with extensive experience helping families just like yours through a variety of legal situations, including complex cases involving:

A Peaceful Approach Can Decrease The Stress

The Law Office of Richard Eldridge also offers services related to divorce mediation. Such processes allow you to avoid traditional litigation and work through everything from spousal support to custody outside the courtroom. These alternative dispute resolution processes give you more control over the outcome of your case by allowing you to negotiate and discuss serious matters such as visitation schedules and who gets the family home. With Rick and his staff guiding you and providing insight into your legal matters through mediation or divorce, the situation becomes less overwhelming.

A Team You Can Trust

While our firm has just one attorney, everyone on our team is equally dedicated to each case. Our caring and experienced staff have been working with Rick for many years and are integral to the client experience. In fact, the staff is often positively mentioned in online reviews from former clients. No matter who you speak to at our firm, you can be confident that we are all working in your best interests at all times.

Have Confidence In Your Case, No Matter How Complex

Whatever approach you take, you can feel confident about our team working hard for you. We know your time is important, which drives us to work efficiently to resolve each case. Throughout the process, expect clear communication and compassionate dedication to your case. Let Rick Eldridge personally review your case by calling the office at 916-312-6918 or filling out our contact form. Lunch and evening appointments are available.