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Depression after ending a long-term marriage

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The decision to get a divorce is easy for some couples, especially when there is a mutual understanding that it is time to move on and neither party wants to stay in the relationship. On the other hand, there are times when it is very difficult for some people to accept that their marriage is coming to a close, especially for those who have lived most of their adult lives as a spouse. Sometimes, this results in emotional hurdles, such as depression. 

If you are feeling upset about your marriage ending, it is imperative to explore your legal options. Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of your divorce and minimize the negative aspects of ending a marriage. 

Why depression arises 

Some people feel depressed when their marriage ends for multiple reasons. For example, even when one is certain that moving on is necessary, it is very difficult if part of them is upset that the marriage did not work out or that they spent a considerable amount of time in a relationship that ultimately failed. Those who have kids are especially likely to struggle with strong emotions. Unfortunately, depression and other negative emotions often get in the way of one’s ability to pursue a brighter future. 

The consequences of negative emotions 

Negative emotions such as depression sometimes prevent people from concentrating on their divorce and taking the smartest approach. Divorce is a time-consuming process and depression often drains people of their energy and makes it harder for them to tackle tough issues. If you are struggling with depression due to divorce (or for any other reason), make sure your feelings do not interfere with your approach to divorce. Our website discusses other topics related to ending a marriage.