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How can an attorney help a domestic violence victim?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Many people in the Sacramento are the victim of domestic violence. It is estimated that at least a third of women have been the victim of physical abuse by a partner and many are also harmed sexually and emotionally. These victims often have a hard time getting away from the abuse and many times are ashamed and embarrassed. There are many resources for domestic violence victims in Sacramento, but a victim may also find an attorney helpful.

An attorney may not seem like a professional that can help the victim of domestic abuse but there are actually several things they can do to help.

  • Obtain an order of protection. An attorney can help their client obtain an order of protection to help keep them safe. A restraining order can keep the abuser away from the victim and their family. Guns may be removed from a residence and the abuser can be prohibited from any contact, including calling and text messaging the victim. An attorney can make sure the protective order is thorough and will help remove the abuser from the situation.
  • Child custody orders. An attorney can also help their client secure a child custody order so that the parent and children can safely leave the abusive parent.
  • Separation and divorce agreements. An attorney can help provide legal services for their client in a divorce or separation agreement. They can fight for their client’s best interests and help them secure housing, employment and a good financial future.

Victims of domestic violence have many advocates that can help. An attorney who specializes in family law can help their client safely get out of the relationship and hold the abuser accountable for their actions.