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Non-traditional ways to publicly observe a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce is normally a somber event, and it is easy to understand why. It is difficult, emotionally and logistically, to disentangle yourself from someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. If you have children, the divorce requires some difficult decisions to be made about custody, all while protecting their emotional wellbeing.

But every once in a while, there are divorcing couples who break the mold and remind us that not every divorce needs to be acrimonious, or even unfriendly. In fact, there are ways to observe your divorce while celebrating the relationship you had with your spouse.

Earlier this fall, a divorcing couple from Oklahoma made headlines for doing a lighthearted, divorce-themed photoshoot together. Many of the photos are humorous, showing the spouses holding up chalkboard signs with messages like: “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never paid for a divorce.” In another picture, each spouse is holding up a sign. The first one reads: “I want a divorce now.” The second one reads: “I wanted a divorce yesterday.”

An important message about co-parenting

Being so public and so tongue-in-cheek about getting divorced isn’t right for everyone (or even most people, for that matter). But when interviewed, the former couple shared some important insight about their decision to divorce, and to divorce on amicable terms. The two have children together, and they said they believed that because the marriage wasn’t working, it was ultimately better for their children for the two to get divorced so that they could be happier and more effective co-parents.

Numerous studies have been done about the potential problems children of divorce can face. But many believe there can be equally unhealthy problems that occur when unhappy couples stay together solely for the sake of their children. Kids model the behavior they grew up witnessing, and one could argue that divorced parents who are happy are more effective than married parents who are miserable.

Divorce on your terms

Not everyone who needs to get a divorce has the option (or the luxury) of parting amicably with their spouse. But if you do, you may want to consider some non-traditional ways to mark the occasion and celebrate the relationship you shared.