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Signs a marriage is heading to divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Divorce |

Few couples suddenly decide to end their marriage. For many, the buildup has been happening for a long time and in hindsight, they can point to a few signs that clued them in about an impending divorce. Below are common signs experts say show that a marriage is on the rocks:

Lack of communication

Communication does not mean that a couple is not talking to one another, but more that the conversation is not only about the mundane items such as who will pick up the milk and what to have for dinner. When conversation is superficial, it can create a disconnect between the couple and reduce their affection for one another.

No quality time

A couple does not constantly have to be talking to one another or spending time with one another. It does mean that the couple should want to spend their free time together, even as they enjoy solo activities from time to time. If a spouse is relieved to be spending most of their time alone, then it could be a sign of distraction that does not bode well for the marriage.

Lack of effort

Making a relationship work is not easy, but it does need both parties to make it work. If one party has checked out and is not motivated to improve the marriage, then this can be a sign of disenchantment with the union.

This is not to say a distracted partner is thinking about filing for divorce. What is important to note though is that couples need to check in with one another regularly and make sure they are on the same page about their needs.

When they realize that their relationship is not working any longer, it might make sense to consult an experienced attorney to understand how a divorce proceeds and what information they need before embarking upon this journey.