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Transferring a cellphone account in a domestic violence case

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Californians who are victims in a domestic violence incident or are subjected to this treatment on a regular basis must be aware of their rights to be protected under the law. Part of that involves getting a restraining order preventing the alleged abuser from staying in the home, visiting the victim’s workplace, going to a child’s school, making contact, going near the victim, having a gun and more. These are the most commonly known ways a person can be protected by a restraining order whether it is temporary or permanent. One issue that frequently recedes to the background is a cellphone account. That does not make it any less important. Having legal assistance is imperative for all aspects of a restraining order.

Transferring a cellphone account as part of a restraining order

In many relationships, cellphone accounts are under one name with separate lines. This may be convenient and financially prudent, but it can also result in the alleged abuser monitoring the victim’s account and harassing them in various ways. A restraining order stipulation that can be added is that the victim be given control over the cellphone number and account. This is also true for children who have their own cellphone and number.

The person who is named on the account could be told to pay for the bill for the duration of the restraining order or until the transfer is complete. The cellphone company must be contacted to make this change and there are certain factors to consider like eligibility and cost. It might be necessary to change the number.

Having legal advice can address all relevant issues in a restraining order

It is a difficult step to seek a restraining order against a spouse who is committing domestic violence, but it is vital to try and put a stop to the behavior. Part of that is avoiding the alleged abusive spouse from having control and access to the abused spouse’s life via a cellphone account.

For this or any other concern with domestic violence such as an emergency protective order (EPO), a temporary restraining order (TRO) or a permanent restraining order, having legal assistance can be essential. This can also be beneficial if the victim wants to move forward with a divorce proceeding. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in family law and domestic violence can provide guidance for these and other considerations in a case.