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When do child support obligations end in California?

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When a couple who has children decides to split it can be a difficult decision that is often fraught with emotion. When the couple has children, figuring out child support can be complicated. A parent may want to know when the child support obligation will end. Here’s what you need to know.

When does child support end?

In California, child support ends when the child turns 18. There are situations when a parent will pay past that date. Those may include if the child hasn’t graduated from high school yet and is still living at home. In those cases, child support ends when the child turns 19.

Can child support end early?

There are circumstances where child support can end early. These include:

  • The child enlists in the military.
  • The child gets married.
  • The child becomes emancipated.
  • The child dies.

Does child support have to end at age 18?

Parents can agree to pay child support for as long as they want. Occasionally a parent will pay child support until the child is out of college. Or if the child has special needs, child support can last longer. The support just needs to be approved by both parents.

A legal professional who is skilled in child support can help their client understand their options and how child support is determined in California. There are state-specific guidelines on how much a non-custodial parent has to pay. An attorney can help their client with these situations and make sure their best interests are protected. They can prepare forms, explain court procedures, and explain how the court makes child support decisions. Having an attorney help with this process can be helpful.