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Can you make long distance co-parenting work?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Firm News |

In the modern age of technology, more people find ways to bridge long distances than ever before. Fortunately, this can also apply in co-parenting situations where one parent must travel far distances from their child.

Whether someone needs to leave due to military deployment or to take care of an ill relative, there are ways to continue making cooperative co-parenting work.

Relying on technology to build ties

Parents features tips given from families who successfully manage a long distance co-parenting situation. For most people, technology holds the key. One of the most important things for preserving a relationship is to keep contact up as much as possible. Of course, while in-person communication serves a great purpose as well, this is not possible for co-parents who must relocate.

Instead, focus on different types of virtual communication. These days, people can talk via video chat, phone calls and voice chats, instant messaging, emails, text messages and more. It is possible to come up with a unique combination of communication methods that work best between a parent and child.

Setting a schedule

Setting a schedule is also important. Once a co-parent discovers which methods of communication work best, it is important to try contacting their children as often as possible. Some like to pick certain times of day or days of the week to have these meetings, while others prefer to keep their schedule open and maintain flexibility.

Whatever a parent chooses, simply having the option to reach out and contact them will hold a huge benefit for the child, and for the parent-child relationship. It is a boon for all parties involved.