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Marriage, divorce and remarriage

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Divorce |

Many people believe that both marriage and divorce last forever. In reality, marriage ends in divorce around 50% of the time, and former partners end up remarrying in roughly 10% to 15% of cases.

For those thinking about tying the knot once again with an ex-wife or ex-husband, they should consider the following information.

The appeal of remarriage

An article from Verywellmind reports that some divorced people begin to miss a former partner after a cooling-off period. These feelings probably occur more frequently if the marriage lasted for several years. Some individuals discover that they still have feelings of love for an ex-spouse.

The reasons for considering a remarriage run the gamut from realizing that single life has its drawbacks to missing the close relationships developed during the marriage with the in-laws. The personal growth of either partner could also play a role. Forgiveness of a once unforgivable action, such as infidelity, over time, could also lead partners to believe they followed through with a divorce too hastily.

The dangers of a remarriage

The odds of a remarriage working remain lower than in first marriages, with about 60% of these unions failing. For this reason, former partners should take a realistic attitude into the second try and take things slowly. Some experts recommend waiting at least one year before making it legal after a reconciliation.

Even more than usual, marriage counseling can help partners understand past mistakes and point a way forward. For example. if the first marriage failed because of finances or infidelity, professional counseling could identify potential ways to avoid these dangers. No matter the situation, every marriage requires a commitment from both partners or it could end in a divorce.