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Why is shared parenting beneficial?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Divorce |

The big shift within the legal system to prefer shared parenting has its roots in the basic concept of doing what is best for the children in a situation. The idea that kids benefit the most from having good relationships with both parents is nothing new, but the legal system now recognizes it.

Studies show that children grow up to be more well-rounded adults if they have both parents present during childhood. The idea that two parents are important is something that deviates from the old concept that mothers are the most important in child-rearing. It is also driving the new preference of judges to allot shared parenting decisions.

Time is important

Shared parenting offers each parent a chance to develop a relationship with their children. When kids spend most of their time with only one parent, it causes a separation with the other parent, making it tough to create the bonds necessary to have a strong relationship. Children need to have the option to be with both parents equally in order to be able to develop the type of connection where they have a solid bond with each parent.

Each relationship helps the other

Research has also shown that children who develop a tight bond with both parents have overall better relationships. Enabling a strong relationship between a child and his or her father will also strengthen the relationship with his or her mother. The relationships play on each other and allow the child to freely develop their bond with each parent.


It is important to note that sometimes it is impossible for a child to have both parents equally in his or her life. Whatever outside factors prevent this, it is usually better for the child to only have one parent in his or her life. But when both parents are involved and focused on the child, then having them both present equally is important.