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How can sharing the family home benefit your children?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Divorce |

Most parents understand that divorce impacts the entire family. While you make the decision to create a more stable, loving environment for you and your children, you also have to keep in mind that divorce alters the family dynamic and can upset your kids.

In some families, birdnesting can help reduce how traumatic divorce can be for your kids.

Comforting environment

Birdnesting involves keeping the family home. You and your spouse may rent an apartment or second home to rotate in and out of while your children remain in the family home. Children are more comfortable within the home that they know. As you and your spouse divorce, your kids may fear the future. They do not know what to expect, but at home, they at least have familiar scenery.

Limited routine change

When you keep the family home, you can maintain your kids’ routines. Children do not have to change schools, leave their friends or change their schedules. They do not have to worry about going back and forth between two different households. You and your ex should make a point not to change the routine too much. Maintain their schedules so they can learn to cope with the divorce without worrying about other major changes.

If you choose to birdnest, try to see it as a temporary solution to ease your children into the idea of divorce. If you nest for too long, it can give your kids the wrong idea about your relationship. You do not want to provide them with a false hope that you and your spouse plan on reuniting.