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What goes into a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Divorce |

Taking care of your children is your main priority. This does not change after divorce, but it may prove a bit more challenging.

California courts prefer that parents work together to negotiate an agreement that includes sharing parental duties after divorce. A document required for this process is a parenting plan. Learn about what you may need to include to satisfy the judge and help your children move on.

What is the purpose of a parenting plan?

The parenting plan is the agreement between you and your spouse on how you will co-parent your children. It sets out all arrangements about routines, activities and how you will handle changes to the plan. Your parenting plan is the document you will rely upon should a conflict arise.

Where does the schedule fit in?

A parenting plan needs to include a schedule for parental visitation. This parenting time must account for every day. While some plans may have general language about physical custody flipping every so many days or weeks, the more precise you are with the schedule the better. This will help keep parents and kids on the same page regarding who goes where.

Will a judge change your parenting plan?

If the document you and your spouse agree to does not fit with the court’s idea of parenting, you may need to revise it. A judge may believe that one parent is doing too much while the other has fewer responsibilities. Perhaps the parenting plan does not have the requisite information covered, forcing the judge to kick it back.

Taking the time to reach a reasonable parenting plan may set you and your children up for a more successful post-divorce co-parenting situation.