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Good behavior could impact your divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce can surface a lot of difficult emotions and life-changing challenges. Your response to the difficulties you face could make a surprising difference in the outcome of your settlement.

Being mindful of the way you behave and treat those around you can help you preserve your dignity.

Adopt a conservative lifestyle

The financial repercussions of your split could linger for years. CNBC reports that many divorcees are unaware of the costs of living until the harsh reality check of a split. While you should know where your money is, refrain from the temptation to conceal assets or hoard marital property. Rather, take inventory of what you have and know how to access joint assets. Open a personal bank account. Reassess goals. Reduce spending where you can and focus on rebuilding your financial security.

Maintain a faithful reputation

You may find dating tricky if your divorce is not yet finalized. While it is not against the law, jumping into another serious relationship could appear to provide evidence of unfaithfulness. If you face allegations of adultery at all, refrain from dating until your divorce finalizes.

During this time, consider what you want to change in a future relationship. Taking your time to reenter the dating world may give you more control of your life and reduce some of the baggage you might bring to another relationship.

Put your children first

If you have children, do everything you can to prioritize their needs. Focus on giving them a stable and loving home despite the changes in family dynamics. Rather than try to prove that your ex is an incapable parent, focus on highlighting your commitment to your children.

Maintaining good character throughout your divorce is one way to reduce the negative effects of your split on the remainder of your life.